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Tribe Travel has been organising Schoolies & Leavers packages to Bali for 15+ years, so we’ve had our fair share of important questions asked by students.

The following FAQ section will help you when booking your Schoolies or Leavers trip. If you don’t find what you are looking for here, please contact us on 1300 49 59 69 or start a live-chat with us, we’re always here to help.

When is Leavers in Bali?

Due to the impact of COVID-19, trips will be resuming in 2023.

How much does Schoolies/Leavers in Bali cost?

Pricing depends on a few factors.

Firstly, our packages include flights, transfers and accommodation in Bali. Depending on the airport you are flying out of in Australia, this will change the price of your travel package.

Secondly, just like all resorts, they are priced according to their facilities, location and other inclusions, such as breakfast, massages, activities, etc. Look at the inclusions and location of the Bali resorts to understand the difference in pricing. Click to view the full list of Schoolies Bali Accommodation.

We have been advised to book at one of the official Schoolies or Leavers resorts. Why is this?


This is a must to ensure you have no problems at check-in and you’re booked at a “verified” resort. These resorts have been hand picked and meet guidelines of safety, prime location, good rooms and friendly staff.  Don’t leave it to chance, let Tribe Travel take the stress out of booking your trip. We handle your international flights, transfers to the hotel, accommodation and much more.  

Do we have the freedom to explore and enjoy Bali on our own terms?

Yes. We understand that you want your freedom over Schoolies or Leavers. You can explore the beautiful island and experience the culture. We can provide information and tours if you need some assistance.

How soon should we book?

As soon as you have your group planned, it is suggested to start the booking process so you don’t miss out.  We need to know how many people are travelling. We will then send you an itinerary with our best rooms and the pricing. We will provide details on how you can reserve your accommodation through a very easy process of paying a small deposit. Click here to lodge a Booking Enquiry

What language do they speak in Bali?

In addition to speaking Balinese/Indonesian, most people in Bali speak English reasonably well, especially those who are linked with the tourism industry (eg. hotel staff, taxis, shop staff). You will have no issues with communication in Bali.

Are things expensive in Bali?

No. When you are shopping or purchasing things in Bali you will find that the prices are generally lower than what they would be in Australia.

What’s the food like?

As well as local cuisine, there are plenty of places that serve western food similar to what you have back home. Basically, all the things you get in Australia, you can find in Bali.

Is Bali suitable for people with dietary requirements such as vegan or vegetarian?

Yes. There are so many food outlets available that you are very likely to find multiple options for your dietary requirements.

What Time Zone at the destination?

Bali is in the same time zone as Western Australia (UTC +8)

Do we need immunisations?

Please consult your doctor regarding immunisations and health advice.

What money do they use in Bali?

The local currency in Bali is called Rupiah. Check a currency exchange to confirm the latest exchange rate is recommended. 
You can exchange your money whilst still in Australia or at the airport when you arrive in Bali, however, you can also exchange money at the local money exchange shops within walking distance of the resorts. 

Count your money carefully, some money exchange stores tend to miscalculate. The best option is to use your Australian ATM card, some of them work in the ATMs in Bali and will give you the local Rupiah Currency. Almost all Australian ATM cards work if they have “Cirrus” or “Maestro” written on them.

When should I get my passport?

You don’t need a passport to make a booking, but you will need one before you travel. You get them at the Post Office. It’s a good idea not to wait too long after making a booking to start organising your passport. Try not to leave it any later than 2 months before you travel. Click here for More Info.

Do I need a Visa?

No, you do not need a visa to visit Bali on an Australia passport if you are staying less than 30 days. This information can sometimes change so check government websites for the most up to date information on visas. Click here for More Info.

Can I plug my things in and get electricity?

Yes, the electricity supplies the same voltage output. You will just need a universal adaptor to be able to plug in your electrical items. You can get these from most convenience stores, online, or at the airport when you’re departing Australia.  They are usually under $20.00. It’s also a good idea to bring a power board in addition to the adaptor (so that you can plug in multiple items at once if necessary). 

Is travel insurance included in the package? 

Travel insurance is not included in your travel package but it is highly recommended to have insurance when travelling overseas. 

What are the best Schoolies and Leavers resorts in Bali?


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