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Featured Dunsborough Leavers Accommodation


The Sebel Busselton

  • Popular leavers accommodation with great facilities and rooms to suit all groups

Bayview Geographe Resort

  • Epic Leavers resort with direct access to the beach and Leavers Zone bus route.
Margaret River

Stay Margaret River

  • Awesome vibe over leavers at this affordable accommodation in Margaret River.

About Leavers

Leavers is the epic end of high school celebration that all students look forward to, and one not to be missed!

Graduating high school is a massive milestone for students and should be celebrated in style. For most West Australian school leavers, the party happens at the 5-day party down-south (in Busselton, Dunsborough and Margaret River region) or overseas in Bali, Indonesia. Students flock to the coastal towns to enjoy a relaxing few day with school friends, acknowledging the end of an era, and toasting to 13 years of schooling.

About Busselton Leavers

Busselton is one of the hottest spots to celebrate Leavers. Students flock down South to Busselton to soak up the sun, surf and the seaside charm. Its coastal vibes provide the perfect place for school leavers to unwind after graduation. Busselton is one of the larger coastal towns on the Southwest coast with plenty of activities and Leavers accommodation options. Walk the famous Busselton Jetty, surf at one of the local beaches, hang out in the crystal water of Geographe Bay or just take in the buzz of the town with other students. It’s an epic spot for Leavers! Our favourite Leavers accommodation venues in Busselton include Bayview Geographe Resort, Broadwater Resort and The Sebel Busselton.

About Dunsborough Leavers

The surf town of Dunsborough is the place to be over Leavers in WA! Thanks to the Leavers Zone being in close proximity to Dunsborough, the township becomes the epicentre of fun during Leavers. As is the reason for the event being commonly referred to as "Dunsborough Leavers". Students come into Dunsborough each night to celebrate at the Leavers Zone with up to 8,000 other school leavers. The vibe is incredible!

By day, students relax at the beach or ride the world-famous waves. There’s plenty of things to do in town, such as browse the boutique shops, relax at trendy cafes, or take a drive to surrounding national parks. Stay central in Dunsborough for the true Leavers experience. Our favourite Leavers accommodation venues in Dunsborough include Central Motel, Four Seasons Holiday Park and Dunsborough Rail Carriages.

About Margaret River Leavers

Margaret River is dotted with incredible places to stay during Leavers! There’s a wide selection of Leavers accommodation options that allow friends to stay together in spacious and affordable houses or chalets. It’s ideal for groups of students that are looking to chill out in their group and make lasting memories together. There’s plenty of things to do in the day, such as take a drive to the local beaches or hike one of the coastal tracks. Depending on the location of the Leavers accommodation, there are private transportation options to get school leavers to The Zone in Dunsborough each night. (The official Leavers bus route does not extend to the Margaret River region.)

About Yallingup Leavers

Known as one of the best surf beaches in WA, Yallingup has an incredible chilled vibe over Leavers. Plenty of students choose to stay in this coastal town to soak up the epic atmosphere. School leavers spend their days soaking up the rays or riding the waves at Yallingup. There’s a great variety of Leavers accommodation options to suit all group sizes and budgets. Yallingup is super close to Dunsborough so it’s easy to slide on over to the neighbouring suburb to hit the Leavers Zone, party the night away and mingle with other school leavers.

About Rottnest Island Leavers

Rottnest Island no longer hosts official Leavers events. 

About Jurien Bay Leavers

Jurien Bay in Western Australia’s Coral Coast is becoming another popular place to celebrate Leavers. Spend your days discovering the pristine beaches, swimming in the marine park, or relaxing with mates while fishing. In Jurien Bay you can also encounter sea lions in their natural habitat, a definite must-do! For those adrenaline junkies - skydiving is another popular must-do activity in Jurien Bay. Celebrating Leavers in Jurien Bay is ideal for groups of friends that want to enjoy the time together and create lasting memories with their close friends in a beautiful part of Western Australia. There’s plenty of accommodation options to suit all size groups and budgets.

About Broome Leavers

Broome is a destination filled with rich history and another Western Australia town that provides a relaxed atmosphere for Leavers celebrations. School leavers like to head north for a unique, off-the-beaten track Leavers experience. It’s ideal for groups of friends that want to spend the last few days of this massive milestone together while experiencing the beauty of WA. Spend your days exploring the 22 kilometres of white sandy beaches along Cable Beach, head out on a sunset camel ride or visit some of the iconic establishments in town. There’s plenty of accommodation options - including houses, hotels, motels, and campsites.

About Gracetown Leavers

Get the best of both worlds for Leavers in Gracetown. Located along the coastline on WA’s South Coast, Gracetown offers pristine swimming in calm waters, and world-class surf breaks for those surfing enthusiasts. It’s also an easy drive from all the fun activities available in Margaret River and surrounding bays. For those school leavers that want to get active, spend the day doing some of the Cape to Cape track and be greeted with some spectacular coastal views along the way. Gracetown is ideal for school leavers looking for a laid-back destination while still being relatively close to all the Leavers entertainment in Margaret River, Yallingup, Busselton and Dunsborough. (The official Leavers bus route does not extend to the Gracetown region.)

About Peppermint Grove Beach Leavers

Peppermint Grove Beach is located at the northern end of Busselton and another great place to spend Leavers. Enjoy endless white sandy beaches, crystal clear and calm waters, and a great spot for some leisurely fishing with mates. The campgrounds at Peppermint Grove Beach offer school leavers a relaxed, affordable and safe place for celebrations. It’s close enough to Busselton and Dunsborough to mingle with other school leavers or head to the official party, however many students choose to enjoy each other’s company around the campsite. There’s a great Leavers vibe at Peppermint Grove Beach over the end-of-school celebrations. (The official Leavers bus route does not extend to the Peppermint Grove Beach region.)

About Bali Leavers

Bali offers school leavers an epic place to celebrate their end-of-school festivities. The excitement of heading overseas with school friends is an exhilarating experience.  The destination is full with amazing beaches, great resorts and plenty of daytime and night-time activities. There are so many places to stay in Bali during Leavers, each offering a different feel and vibe. Many school leavers stay in Kuta or Legian for the epic night scene, while some prefer the upmarket feel of Seminyak. We have a huge range of Bali Leavers accommodation options. Let us know what you want out of your Bali Leavers trip and we will create the perfect plan for your group.

About Kuta Leavers

Kuta is known for fun times all day and all night! It’s one of the main reasons why it is the hottest destination in Bali to celebrate Leavers. Students love hanging out at the awesome resorts, enjoying the luxurious rooms, amazing swimming pools (sometimes on the rooftop) and incredible vibes. Stepping out of the hotels, there is so much to do! Ride the waves along the coast, get wet at Waterbom Bali waterpark, shop at local markets or large beachside malls, and taste-test the popular restaurants and cafes. Make memories with your school friends and live it up in Kuta over Leavers Bali. You won’t regret it!

About Thailand Leavers

Thailand, known for its picturesque islands, delish food, friendly people and epic parties. This is why school leavers head to Thailand to celebrate their end-of-school festivities. Tribe Travel arranges packages to Thailand’s Koh Samui island. It is renowned for its incredible beaches, secluded bays and great night life. Heading to Thailand for Leavers also gives your squad the opportunity to splurge and stay in beautiful Leavers resorts with amazing facilities, incredible pools, on-site restaurants and mostly always right on the beach. It’s a great place to have a holiday with close friends while also meeting other school leavers.

  • About Leavers

    Leavers is the official celebration for students completing their secondary education.

    The celebrations take place in various destinations across Australia and for West Australian students, the preferred destinations are Dunsborough, Busselton, Yallingup, and Margaret River.

    During the official Dunsborough Leavers dates, the Southwest swells with thousands of school leavers flocking to the beachside towns for five epic days of sun, surf, nightly parties and good vibes with their mates. Over the last decade, it has become a rite of passage and a must-do event for all high-school graduates.

  • When is Leavers 2023?
    The official dates for Dunsborough Leavers 2023 is: Sunday, 19 November 2023 to Friday, 24 November 2023.
  • When is Leavers 2024?
    The official dates for Dunsborough Leavers 2024 is: Sunday, 17 November 2024 to Friday, 22 November 2024.
  • What is the Leavers Zone?
    Leavers Entertainment Zone is the official party hub for Leavers in Dunsborough. The event consists of DJ's, silent disco, carnival rides, chill out areas, food trucks and other amazing attractions. It is a drug, alcohol and smoke-free event with over 10,000 Leavers in attendance each year. The event is organised by the “Leavers Planning Committee”, consisting of West Australian Police Force, Department of Health, Department of Transport, The Red Frogs, St Johns Ambulance Services, and other partner organisations. With extensive safety and security procedures in place, Mum and Dad can relax knowing that you are partying in a safe, secure, and controlled Leavers environment. Please Note: The available entertainment options and attractions at the Leavers Zone may vary each year.
  • Where is the Leavers Zone?
    The Leavers Entertainment Zone is located on the Vasse-Yallingup Siding Rd. It is approximately 15-minutes drive from Dunsborough town centre and approximately 20-minutes drive from Busselton town centre.
  • When is the Leavers Zone?
    The Leavers Zone runs on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday of Leavers week. The event and entertainment starts at 7PM and finishes at 1PM each night. (Please note: Dates and times may vary each year.)
  • When is the Leavers Beach Fest?
    Leavers Beach Fest (formally known as the Meelup Beach Party) is held on the Wednesday of Leavers week. (Please note: Dates and times for the event may vary each year.)
  • Where can I purchase a Leavers Zone or Beach Fest ticket?
    The Leavers Wristband serves as your access pass to the Leavers Entertainment Zone and the Leavers Bus. If you opt for the Four Day Leavers Wristband, it grants you entry to the Beach Fest (previously known as the Meelup Beach Party) as well. You will need to purchase your Leavers ticket online and then exchange it for your wristband upon arrival in Dunsborough and Busselton.
  • Where can I find my WA Student Number?

    Your WA Student Number is available via the School Curriculum and Standards Authority (SCSA) website – Click Here

  • How much does the Leavers Zone wristband cost?
    The Leavers Zone wristband is priced at $110.00 for a four-day pass and $50.00 for a one-day pass. It's important to note that access to the Beach Fest is exclusively granted with the purchase of a four-day pass. Please keep in mind that prices may vary from year to year.
  • Where are the Leavers Wristband collection points?
    Leavers can collect their Leavers Zone wristbands from the below collection points during Leavers week.

    DUNSBOROUGH - Centennial Park, Dunsborough, 46 Geographe Bay Rd, Dunsborough WA 6281
    Sunday: 9am - 7pm
    Monday: 9am - 5pm
    Tuesday: 1pm - 4pm
    Wednesday: 1pm - 4pm
    Thursday: 1pm - 4pm

    BUSSELTON - Youth Community and Activities Building, 21 Foreshore Parade, Busselton WA 6280
    Sunday: 9am - 7pm
    Monday: 9am - 5pm

    Please Note: Your Leavers Accommodation Wristbands can only be collected upon check-in at your resort.
  • What is the difference between the Leavers Zone Wristband and the Leavers Accommodation Wristband?
    The Leavers Zone Wristband provides entry to the Entertainment Zone, the Leavers bus, and the Leavers Beach Fest. It must be purchased separately from the Leavers accommodation wristband. The Leavers Accommodation Wristband grants access to your resort and its amenities. You are required to wear this wristband throughout your stay for verification and security purposes. It is included as part of your Leavers package.
  • Leavers Zone Bus
    The official Leavers bus is a complementary service when purchasing your Leavers Zone wristband. The bus service runs in a circular route between Busselton, Dunsborough and Yallingup during Leavers week. The service stops running at 1am, so please ensure you plan ahead or expect to pay a motza for Ubers and Taxis. (Please note: The Leavers bus route and operational times may vary each year.)
  • Leavers Private Transport
    Leavers Private Transport packages are for guests who are staying in Leavers accommodation venues that are not on the official Leavers bus route. Due to the nature of Leavers, with more than 10,000 guests in attendance, Uber’s and Taxis are extremely limited. Therefore, we highly recommend Leavers Private Transport packages as a safe, cost-effective way to get to the Leavers Zone and Meelup Beach Day and back to your Leavers accommodation. To purchase your Leavers Private Transport package, please send us an enquiry via our Contact Us page.
  • Leavers Zone Bus Route Map
  • Can my parents or friends drop me off at The Zone or Beach Fest?
    To ensure the safety of all guests, private vehicles are not permitted near the Leavers Entertainment Zone or the Beach Fest. Your only means of access is via the official Leavers bus or Park & Ride Zones.
  • Can the bus stop near my Leavers accommodation?
    The official Leavers bus will only stop at designated stops between Busselton, Dunsborough and Yallingup. Leavers private transport options are usually a door to door service where access is permitted. Please contact us regarding the door to door services.
  • What type of ID do I need for Leavers WA?
    You will require the following ID types to purchase your Leavers Wristband:

    You will need to enter your WA Student Number

    You will need your photo ID to collect your wristband upon arrival – no ID, no wristband. 

  • Who can attend Leavers?
    Students that are of high-school graduating age. (i.e. Finishing year-12.) However, if you had left school or pursuing other types of education or work, you are still permitted to attend, provided it is on your graduating year (had you completed high-school).
  • Leavers information for Parents

    Click here for more information - Leavers parents information

  • How to get to Dunsborough

    Getting to Dunsborough from Perth is easy.

    Best transportation options are

    By Car
    By Train & Bus Combination
    By Bus

    1. Driving to Dunsborough
    Dunsborough is approximately 247 kilometres from the Perth CBD.
    It takes approximately 2-hours and 45minutes by car. (Non-stop, pending traffic conditions.)
    If you are catching an Uber or Taxi, it will cost approximately $350 each way.

    2. Train & Bus to Dunsborough
    The other option to Dunsborough is catching a train from Perth, then transferring to a bus in Bunbury.
    Train: Perth (Perth Station) to Bunbury Station – 2h 25m
    Bus: Bunbury Station to Dunsborough – 1h 10m

    3. Bus to Dunsborough
    You can catch a bus from East Perth Terminal, which takes you to Dunsborough.
    East Perth Terminal to Dunsborough (multiple stops) – 4h 15m

  • How to get to Margaret River

    Getting to Margaret River from Perth is easy!

    Best transportation options are
    By Car
    By Train & Bus Combination

    1. Driving to Margaret River
    Margaret River is approximately 268 kilometres from Perth. It’s approximately a 3-hour (non-stop) journey by car pending traffic and road conditions.

    2. Train & Bus to Margaret River
    The other option to Margaret River is catching a Train from Perth, then transferring to a bus in Bunbury.
    Train: Perth (Perth Station) to Bunbury Station – 2h 25m
    Bus: Bunbury Station to Margaret River – 2h

    3. Bus to Margaret River
    You can catch a bus from East Perth Terminal, which takes you to Margaret River.
    East Perth Terminal to Margaret River (multiple stops) – 5h 5m

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