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Featured Schoolies & Leavers Accommodation

Byron Bay

Aquarius Resort Byron Bay

  • Hostel-style accommodation in the heart of Byron Bay for Schoolies. (18+ Guests Only)
Victor Harbor

Victor Harbor City Inn

  • One block from the waterfront and centrally located in Victor Harbor.
Margaret River

Stay Margaret River

  • Awesome vibe over leavers at this affordable accommodation in Margaret River.

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    Every element of our grad trip travel experience is designed with you in mind. With over 20 years of combined experience planning travel for students, the Tribe Travel team carefully curates everything; from the destinations you travel to, to the places you stay, to the mind-blowing events and adventures you experience, so you can get out there and take your next steps with confidence.

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  • About Schoolies Week

    Coined ‘The best week of your life’, Schoolies is a graduation festival where youth from across Australia come together to celebrate the completion of their senior year exams and secondary school studies.

    A nationwide event, Schoolies celebrations go for three weeks, from mid-November to early December, to coincide with the grade 12 finishing dates of different schools. Traditionally Schoolies Week 1 is the busiest, with the nation’s largest celebration happening on the Gold Coast, where a line-up of government-run events and initiatives such as the Schoolies Hub and the Schoolies Beach Party ensures that graduates stay safe and do indeed have the best week of their lives.

    Whilst the essence of Schoolies, being the coming together of high-school graduates, means it can technically be celebrated anywhere, certain destinations traditionally attract a specific type of crowd - something which impacts heavily on the overall vibe of the place. In acknowledgement of the fact that everyone’s ideal week away likely looks a little different, below we have unpacked what you can expect from some of the most prolific Schoolies and Leavers hotspots. Read on to find out more about your nearest premium party, or place of optimal serenity, and how Tribe Travel can help you make your end-of-school experience the absolute best that it can be.

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  • About Leavers Week

    Different by name, but the same in spirit, Leavers is the Western Australian equivalent of Schoolies Week.

    Celebrated state-wide, the spirit of the celebration can be felt anywhere you are in good graduate company, however, there are again certain hotspots such as Dunsborough, Busselton and Margaret River that attract Leavers in masse and inspire the most impressive parties. Below we will also unpack the best in the West, helping you locate the perfect Leavers destinations and accommodation for your big week away.

  • Schoolies Destinations

    Schoolies Byron Bay

    Famous around the globe for its sensational music scene, captivating coastline, and bustling festivals such as Splendour In The Grass, it should come as no surprise that Byron Bay is a Schoolies hotspot for graduates from both New South Wales and Victorians alike. Head to Byron for your Schoolies week away and you can expect to spend your days recharging your batteries amidst the pristine environment, making the most of the breath-taking hinterland and world-renowned waves; and your nights letting loose at the bustling Schoolies beach parties to tunes from emerging music artists and spectacular street performers. Being one of the most revered stops for backpackers traversing the epic east coast trail, Byron is well adept at putting on a party and perpetuating an upbeat energy that insists you simply ‘live, laugh and let the good times roll’, a mantra that is owned by the quirky locals and an ethos that is well in step with what Schoolies is all about.

    Testament to the Schoolies scene here, even though much of the town’s substantial tourism infrastructure is Schoolies friendly, year after year, Schoolies Byron Bay continues to be a sell-out. If you want to be a part of something spectacular, speak to Tribe Travel today about grabbing your Schoolies Party Tickets and booking your Byron Bay Schoolies accommodation.

    Schoolies Terrigal

    Sitting just 90 minutes north of the big smoke of Sydney, Terrigal is a quaint coastal paradise that offers Schoolies the perfect environment to recharge their batteries with epic offerings of salt, sand and sun. Perfect for graduates looking to escape the nation’s largest city to somewhere more serene, your Schoolies week away here would be best spent hiking, fishing and sunbathing, swimming, surfing and snorkelling with the up-and-about crowd that is known for maximising both the days and nights of their wondrous week away. If a pristine natural playground alive with a crowd abound with an ecstatic energy of party and appreciation for the great outdoors is what you seek for your end-of-school experience, then Terrigal Schoolies is the place for you.

    Schoolies Batemans Bay

    A favourite for both Canberra and Sydneysiders alike, Batemans Bay is another seaside sensation that thrives alive with an infallible vibe, guaranteed to leave you feeling fulfilled with your end-of-school celebrations. Being relatively small in size, this quaint bay swells with Schoolies to create an intimate atmosphere that is both excitingly energetic and supremely serene, a paradox that sets the scene sensationally for you to thrive with the tribe you arrived with, whilst making new friends with the familiar faces you’ll see along the way. If you’re looking for a tranquil seaside escape that bustles to a beat guaranteed to melt away your senior year stressors like a summer snow in the Sahara, then Batemans Bay Schoolies is the place for you. 

    Schoolies Gerroa

    Luxuriously located where the mouth of the calm Crooked River meets the stunning shores of Seven Mile Beach, Gerroa is a wonderland for anyone who loves the water. Book in here and you can swim, surf and sail, kayak, kite or paddle board your long, warm days away as you recharge your batteries in preparation to make the most of the chilled community vibes by night. With its close proximity, Gerroa Schoolies is a fan favourite for tribes from Wollongong, with some Schoolies from Canberra and Sydney also swooping in to make the most of the sensational serenity and stunning surroundings. 

    Schoolies Port Macquarie

    Port Macquarie is another hotspot on the New South Wales coastline, perfect for Schoolies who seek something more intense than what’s on offer at its smaller coastal counterparts of Gerroa and Bateman’s Bay, but less hectic than that at Byron Bay Schoolies or the Gold Coast Schoolies. With the broader Port Macquarie region being a plethoric playground of natural wonders, the town is better equipped to accommodate crowds (read parties) of greater sizes. Spend your week away here relaxing into the majesty abound in the surrounds here, making the most of all the usual activities you’d expect to find amongst the highlights of the hinterland, on the banks of the Hastings River and along the stunning shores of the beautiful beaches that grace this stunning part of the planet. Should this not satiate your appetite for adventure, you can also opt to up your adrenaline with a jaunt at skydiving or paintball, wakeboarding or water skiing. With the stupendous lineup of entertainment options attracting a sizeable and enthusiastic crowd, Port Macquarie is certainly a Schoolies option worthy of your consideration.

    Schoolies Coffs Harbour

    Another heavy hitter on New South Wales’ Schoolies lineup list is Coffs Harbour. Sitting centrally between Sydney and Byron Bay, Coff’s tends to draw an energetic crowd eager to enjoy the seaside surroundings, without blowing their budget on some of the more popular aforementioned places. Being one of the larger locations on our list here, the lands around are alive with infrastructure and activities assured to keep your week away as action-packed as you please. For a more comprehensive insight into the best of the action, talk to the team at Tribe Travel today.

    Schoolies Gold Coast

    If you’re a firm believer that bigger is better, then Schoolies Gold Coast is certainly the hot spot for you! Popular since the 70s, the Goldy is home to the largest Schoolies celebration on the planet, famous for drawing crowds near 20,000 strong over its 3 weeks of epic celebrations.

    Opt for a gargantuan Schoolies getaway to the Gold Coast and you can expect all elements of your experience to be busier, bolder and more ruckus and rowdy. Not only will you have all the splendour of one of the nation’s premier tourist destinations to make the most of during your stay; stupendous shopping, fantastic theme parks and miles of miraculous coastline aching to be enjoyed, but you will also have a line-up of official, free, Government-run Schoolies events and initiatives to further enhance your experience. In addition to a slew of all-ages nightclub events, pool parties and themed fiestas that ignite around the city during the Schoolies festival, the Gold Coast dials up the disco even further with a nightly beach party at ‘The Schoolies Hub’, a fenced, alcohol-free area right on the shores of the stunning Surfers Paradise beach. With access being reserved exclusively to Schoolies who have registered for an official ‘Safer Schoolies Wristband’, each night, party-goers can expect to enjoy exclusive access to two stages that will be emblazoned with performances from headlining DJs and music artists from Australia and across the globe.

    Along with all the fine-tuning that has happened to make Schoolies Gold Coast the meteoric party that it is today, developments have also ensued to make it as safe and practical for its energetic attendees as possible. Each year, ‘The Safer Schoolies Response’ is activated during the peak of the festival, with its teams of dedicated professionals and volunteers such as the Red Frogs working tirelessly to ensure everyone’s week runs smoothly. In addition to the professional and emotional support services they offer to attendees who may feel overwhelmed by the expectations of entering the next stage of life or the intensity of the festival itself, they also offer practical assistance such as walking you home at the end of the night should you lose your friends, or cooking you a pancake breakfast to help keep your strength up throughout what tends to be a very large week away. All these services, like the Schoolies Hub beach parties, are completely free for all graduates with a Safer Schoolies Wristband. Speak to Tribe Travel today about booking your Schoolies Gold Coast accommodation, Schoolies Lanyards and Building ID's. 

    Schoolies Sunshine Coast

    Staying true to the standard stereotypes that set the stunning Sunshine Coast apart from the Goldy, Schoolies here hums at a more serene pace but with no compromise on natural beauty or great outdoor activities to keep you occupied throughout your stay. With its countless miles of brilliant beaches offering endless options for entertainment by the sea, cute canals perfect for exploring by paddleboard or sunset cruise, magical markets and a heavenly hinterland abound with waterfalls, hiking trails and lookouts from the magnificent glasshouse mountains, your Schoolies stay here is promised to leave you feeling fulfilled. 

    With several hotspots along the sixty-odd kilometres that culminate Sunshine Coast Schoolies, there are plenty of getaway options for you to tailor your experience as you please. At the bottom end of The Coast, you will find the township of Caloundra bustling alive with good Schoolies spirit. More central you have the CBD hub of Maroochydore and Mooloolaba, with larger shopping centres, the famous underwater world of the Sea Life Park and its entertainment precincts of The Wharf and Ocean Street. And finally, at the northern end of the coast, you have the awe-inspiring, white sand stretches of Sunshine Beach and, of course, all the splendour of the Sunny Coast’s heaviest hitter Noosa.

    Schoolies Noosa

    Somewhat synonymous with the Sunshine Coast itself, especially to tourists unfamiliar with the lay of the local land, Noosa is a majestic mecca of natural wonders and A-grade tourism opportunities. As bustling as it is beautiful and as delicious as it is divine, you could not spend a week here and have a bad time if you tried. 

    On the natural wonders front, there are beautiful beaches with wondrous waves, perfect for sunbathers and water babies of all skills and disciplines. There is Noosa National Park offering enthralling hikes, alive with cute koala encounters and sublime views out to an impossibly blue ocean that is swimming with playful schools of dolphins, turtles and migrating whales. The nearby Noosa Everglades are rife with an illustrious lineup of wetland wildlife worthy of a day out for any avid tourist. And, there is easy enough access for a day trip to the fantastic Fraser Island - the world’s largest sand island, world heritage listed and abound with wonders.

    On the creature comforts and culinary front, you have an equally impressive lineup of showstopper options for you to indulge in during your stay. Noosa’s culinary scene is second to none. Take a stroll down the glitter strip of Hasting’s Street or the delectable Noosa Junction and you will find cuisine from all over the world being delivered in infallible fashion - some with mesmerising views over Noosa Main Beach and all offering perfect positions for some prolific people watching. Alternatively, you can swing by the nearby Eumundi markets where you can shop til you drop amongst the 600 odd stalls, grazing along the way til you need to be rolled home. Equal to the incredible lineup of dining options are the avenues for live entertainment. Daily amidst the hustle and bustle, you will find local and travelling artists setting the scene with their decks, necks and guitars across the many watering holes that grace the Noosa space. And finally, should you really need some extra assistance winding down, Noosa has a sensational lineup of spas, resorts and retreats where you and your posse can sit back, relax and be pampered into adulthood in style.
    There is a reason Noosa is one of Australia’s premier tourist destinations, and these reasons stand also stand out for Schoolies Noosa. Speak to Tribe Travel today about your Noosa Schoolies accommodation and party tickets!

    Schoolies Airlie Beach

    Looking after the graduate compatriots situated more centrally in the sunny state of Queensland, and perhaps perfect for those not quite sold on the intensity and enormity of Schoolies Gold Coast, but who still want to indulge in a solid surrounding of Schoolies fun in the sun, then Schoolies Airlie Beach is the perfect spot for you!

    With the essence of Airlie revolving around its supreme access to the stunning Whitsundays, it is exceptionally well equipped at catering to a crowd who is just out to have a good time. With a line-up of Schoolies accommodation venues along its magic mile well poised to put on a party that is promised to impress, and access to an unfathomable array of wet and wild adventures, your Schoolies week away here is guaranteed to be anything but dull. When you aren’t busy getting acquainted with the aquatics with a sailing, snorkelling or scuba diving adventure, or feeling alive with the wind in your hair on a foray jet skiing, parasailing or skydiving, you are sure to find the perfect party onshore, alive with enthusiastic partygoers looking to do the exact thing you are, to have the best week of their lives!

    Schoolies Magnetic Island

    Sail a little further north up Queensland’s stunning coastline and you will find the next locale on our list, the majestic Magnetic Island. 

    Lounging luxuriously just a short ferry ride off the coast of Townville, Magnetic Island is a gorgeous getaway thriving with flora and fauna, shining with golden sunshine and jiving with a jovial Schoolies buzz. A favourite for folk from Townsville and its surrounds, this serene island retreat’s awesome hikes, palm tree lined beaches and captivating coral coves are gifts that keep giving for graduates that love adventure and the ocean. Definitely not dull, but historically less hectic than its counterpart Airlie Beach, Schoolies Magnetic Island is the perfect escape for anyone eager to unwind amidst the niceties of nature whilst still reserving their right to get rowdy with a staunch crowd of school leavers out for the time of their lives. Speak to Tribe Travel today about booking your Magnetic Island Schoolies adventure!

    Cairns & Lake Tinaroo Schoolies

    And finally, for the lads and ladies in the far north of the Sunshine State, we have the captivating locale of Cairns. Famous for its easy access to the Great Barrier Reef, Cairns is another heavy hitter on the Australian tourism front that is well accustomed to accommodating crowds from across the globe. In synergy with these hordes of tourists, the town has an epic infrastructure of activities and adventures to ensure everyone has the most memorable of times during their adventure up north. All of this considered, whilst Cairns is not an official Schoolies destination, you and your tribe are sure to remain entertained should you decide to visit the tropics for your foray away for saying sayonara to school. 

    In addition to the lively scene that is abundant in the city centre, Cairns’ surroundings are abound with adventure and meteoric natural beauty that are not to be missed should you head north for Schoolies. One such spot which is a Schoolies favourite is Lake Tinaroo. Traditionally attracting crowds of graduates some hundreds strong, this beautiful dam with its immense tranquillity, communal BBQ areas and options for water sports is a solid option for Schoolies keen to get away with their tribe without breaking the budget. 

    Schoolies Festival Victor Harbor

    Without a doubt, South Australia’s premier Schoolies destination is none other than Schoolies Festival Victor Harbor. Brilliantly beautiful with mesmerising views across Encounter Bay, come Schoolies time this happening seaside town swells in size and vigour as graduates from across the state swarm to enjoy the arresting coastline, scrumptious culinary scene and energetic Encounter Youth festival which pumps across 3 big days at the Warland Reserve. With tickets to the festival being limited and only so much accommodation and camping available, things do sell out pretty quick. 

    Schoolies Rye

    The most popular Schoolies destination on the Mornington Peninsula, Schoolies Rye offers immense beauty both in town and in its surroundings. With its proximity to the big smoke of Melbourne, it attracts an energetic crowd that tends to do a damn good job in starting the party whilst making the most of the beautiful beaches, verdant bushland and easy access aquatic activities available in the calm waters of Phillip Bay. In addition to all the natural attractions that make this place so popular (think epic hikes, sunset horse rides and swimming with dolphins), Rye has official Schoolies accommodation and parties right on the beach which creates an epic epicentre for all the action. Perfect for letting loose with your tribe whilst getting to know some friendly new faces, Schoolies Rye is certainly a getaway that should be on your radar. 

    Schoolies Sorrento

    If you fancy being amphibious for your Schoolies week away, then Sorrento Schoolies is the place for you! Settled near the point of the Mornington Peninsula, between the calm northern waters of Phillip Bay and the pumping south coast surf from Bass Strait, Sorrento is a water baby wonderland that offers limitless aquatic adventures as well as access to all the onshore splendour mentioned above. Generally, a quieter Schoolies experience than that at Rye, Sorrento is still a getaway that is sure to leave you feeling fulfilled with your school leaving decision. 

    Schoolies Phillip Island

    The south coast’s island paradise option for Schoolies, Phillip Island is exquisitely beautiful, calm and alive with some of the most bewildering wildlife encounters in the country. Famous for its daily little penguin parade (‘little’ referring to the size of the penguins, not the size of the parade. There are hundreds of them!), Australia’s largest colony of fur seals and the copious amount of koalas it has lazing and grazing their way around the island, Schoolies here offers opportunities for wildlife encounters like nowhere else. This, of course, is in addition to the lineup of other tourism highlights that exist to enthral the crowds of tourists who visit the island each year to enjoy all the excitement of the Phillip Island Circuit Grand Prix events. With awesome infrastructure for showing tourists a good time, and an energetic crowd looking to have exactly that, Phillip Island has a well-deserved place on this list. Have a chat to Tribe Travel today about booking your Phillip Island Schoolies accommodation

    Schoolies Torquay

    Cowabunga, Dude, and welcome to Schoolies Torquay! Recognised as the surf capital of Australia, it should come as no surprise that Schoolies here is all about the ocean and the great outdoors. With a relaxed surfer vibe that is alive as much in the streets as it is in the surf, this beautiful town is the embodiment of what Schoolies is all about - unwinding by indulging in everything good for your soul! A crowd favourite for the masses from Melbourne and the nearby Geelong, come Schoolies time this sunny little town triples in size with graduates looking for a good time - and let this fact give you some insight into what you should expect of your experience here. 

    In addition to enjoying the poppin’ party scene, Schoolies here is well spent making the most of the laidback way of life, awesome coastal hikes and, of course, the stupendous waves. During your stay, be sure to check out the Australian Surf History Museum to founder a newfound appreciation for Australian surf culture and be certain to make the most of being at the official gateway to the Great Ocean Road - one of the most spectacular drives in the world. 

    Schoolies Anglesea

    A little further along the stunning south coast, we have the magnetic little town of Anglesea. A well-frequented stop for traversers of The Great Ocean Road for good reason, this pretty little town is small in size, but large on life and enthusiasm. Offering many of the same heavy-hitting coastal attractions as its big brother, Torquay, including sensational surf, awesome hikes and a majestic hinterland to explore, Schoolies Anglesea is perfect for anyone eager to make the pristine environment without having to navigate quite as chaotic a crowd. Whilst you are here, be sure to make the most of the Sunday morning Riverbank Market and don’t miss your opportunity to shoot a round of golf amidst the large mobs of grey kangaroos that frequent the local golf course!

    Schoolies Lorne

    Another treasure on The Great Ocean Road which swells for Schoolies is the lavish, little Lorne. Smaller yet again than its counterparts up the coast, but equally as robust on options for outdoor adventure, Lorne is another perfect option for Schoolies eager to enjoy an impressive party schedule as they unwind amidst a pristine paradise of waves, wildlife and waterfalls. With its dedicated Lorne Schoolies accommodation and parties throughout Week 2 of the festival, Lorne Schoolies is a crowd favourite for Victorian high-school graduates. 

  • Leavers Destinations

    Leavers Dunsborough

    Home to the largest Leavers party in Western Australia, with an annual crowd approaching some 10,000 students strong, Dunsborough Leavers is promised not to disappoint. 

    By day the masses can be found making the most of all the majesty of Geographe Bay; fishing, snorkelling and swimming in its shimmering waters, or soaking up the sun on its dazzling shores. While unofficial beach parties are an assured daily occurrence, Dunsborough is also in close proxmity to the Royal Life Saving Society’s official “Meelup Beach Day’. An undeniable highlight of Leavers, this banging beach party is an action-packed affair, with options to rampage on the giant Aqua Playground, mingle with a myriad of beach games and cut sick to bangers from resident Leavers DJs, all on one of the best beaches in Australia.

    By night, things only get better! In addition to the rambunctious brewery, bar and restaurant scene apt for you to explore throughout town during your stay, Dunsborough puts on four huge nights of events at ‘The Leavers Entertainment Zone’. Exclusive to graduates who have registered for an official Leavers wristband, attendees can expect to enjoy activities such as carnival rides, silent discos and a movie tent, alongside an awesome line-up of DJ sets for you to dance the night away to. With limited Leavers accommodation available here at Western Australia’s largest Leavers event, it sells out quickly. Speak with Tribe Travel today to secure your accommodation.

    Leavers Busselton

    Jostle a little further along the coast and meet the magic of Leavers Busselton. Another undeniable highlight on any list of ‘The Best in the West’ for Leavers locales, the sunny seaside town offers the best of both worlds. On the one hand, it offers easy and often bus connections which make it a breeze to enjoy all the big-ticket events mentioned above at the neighbouring Dunsborough, which is only 25 minutes away. On the other hand, you have a pristine beachscape alive with an inspired tranquillity from Leavers looking to rest and recharge with a slightly less hectic roster of events than which transpires down the road. Far from dull, but with an extra dimension of zen, Busselton is the perfect middle-ground for Leavers keen to have it all and best of all, home to the popular Leavers resorts such as Bayview Geographe, Broadwater Resort, Amalfi Resort Busselton, Aqua Resort Busselton and The Sebel Busselton.

    Leavers Yallingup

    Similar to Busselton, Yallingup is another Leavers locale that offers the best of both worlds. Closer again to the high-octane delights of Dunsborough, with frequent connections to all of its big-ticket highlights, but separate enough to serve a slightly larger slice of serenity, you can tailor your experience here to be as mild or wild as you please. With Yallingup being voted number 1 on Australian Traveller Magazine’s list of ‘Best Towns in Australia’ in 2019, you know there is plenty to keep you entertained in and around town. You also have the added plus of pumping surf being served on the stunning shores from the nearby Indian Ocean, and easier access to all the majesty of the Margaret River wine region should your Leaver’s adventures look to lead you there throughout your stay.

    Leavers Gracetown

    Hustle a little further down the coast and enter Leavers Gracetown. Nestled on the captivating coastline of Cowaramup Bay, Gracetown is a Western Australian beachside highlight that should be strongly considered by Leavers who live and breathe the ocean. With equally easy access to world-class waves and calm, clear water perfect for swimming and snorkelling, every day by the beach here is unbeatable. The Leavers scene here is certainly more relaxed, however, its convenient location offers easy enough access to the heavy hitters in the north, as well as all the highlights of the Margaret River wine region. Ideal for those seeking a stunning setting abound with sun, surf, sand and serenity, is Gracetown perfect for you?

    Leavers Margaret River

    Famous for restaurants full of fine local flavours, its award-winning wineries and mind-blowing surf, no stay in Margaret River is set to disappoint. Add a slew of affordable Leavers accommodations perfect for large tribes to thrive together and the energy of hundreds of teenagers eager to let down their hair in celebration of school being out forever, and you have a guaranteed good time on your hands! Although quieter than some of the heavier-hitting options mentioned above, Leavers Margaret River is anything but dull. Ideal for foodies and lovers of the great outdoors, your days will be well spent traversing the tall-timber forests on adventures through the many miles of hiking trails, breathing in the pristine ocean air along the scenic coastline sprawled with awe-inspiring lookouts, and soothing your soul with every sort of water therapy that tickles your fancy. And by night, you can make the most of the many miraculous dining options whilst making memories with all of your nearest and dearest. Whilst the Leavers scene in Margaret River is somewhat quieter, the town offers private transport connections to ‘The Zone’ in Dunsborough, reserving you the option to have a big night when you please. An option certainly worth considering, speak with Tribe Travel to find your perfect accommodation option today. 

    Leavers Rottnest Island

    And finally, on to the West’s option for celebrating the end of school on a tropical island paradise. Popular for so many reasons, not the least of which is its proximity to Perth, its infallible state of serenity and its awesome options to get wet, Rottnest Leavers has been a Leavers crowd favourite for years. Although the official Leavers celebrations have left the Island to the dazzling shores of Dunsborough, its shores still thrive alive with an upbeat energy and tribes of movers and shakers looking for a quieter Leavers experience. Overall a more relaxed and intimate vibe, however, Rottnest Island is perfect for Perth people looking to stay close to home and make the most of the majestic aquatics and awesome onshore adventures that make this Island the incredibly popular tourist destination that it is. 

  • International Destinations

    Schoolies & Leavers Bali

    First and foremost, we have Australia’s favourite Asian escape, Schoolies Bali. With cheap access being available from across the country, Indonesia’s party paradise is an option to be considered for so many reasons. Known for its bustling nightlife, beautiful beaches, and amazing line-up of adventure activities, all of which are available at comparatively cheap prices, your experience here is assured to be something you will never forget. Whether you want to spend your days catching world-class waves, revelling in the bliss of a rejuvenating massage on the beach, or hiking through the jungle to an active volcano, you will find it here. Plus, you have the added excitement of getting an extra stamp in your passport and exploring a vastly different culture with your ride-or-die tribe. Sounds like a pretty good deal to us!

    Now, let’s unpack some of the heavy hitters on the Schoolies/Leavers Bali scene…

    Schoolies Kuta

    The beating heart of Bali’s party scene, Kuta is famous across the globe for nightlife worthy of the world stage. Buzzing with pumping performances from local and international DJs, bands and vocalists, and weird and wonderful shows that include everything from dance reviews to dwarf wrestling, no night out here is ever dull. Whether you and your crew’s idea of a good time is headbanging to a strobe light in a super club, or screaming your lungs out front stage to some sensational singalongs, Kuta has you covered. 

    Servicing the sensational nightlife scene here is a long list of Schoolies resorts and hotels that are well adept at putting everyone in the perfect headspace for the ultimate night out. When people can’t be found chilling on the beach and making the most of the world-class waves, they can often be found relaxing by the pool, making the most of the bustling beats and swim-up bar in preparation for their big night out on the town. If you like to party and want to add a bit of international flavour to your Schoolies week away, then Kuta is the place for you!

    Schoolies Seminyak

    Shuffle a couple of suburbs over and you will find yourself amidst all the majesty of Seminyak

    Abound with many world-class restaurants, sensational shopping markets and as strong a spa scene as anywhere, it might be said that Seminyak is a little more lavish than its busy brother, Kuta. But do not let this lead you to think that it doesn’t know how to show a teenage tourist a good time. Home to many of the best Day Clubs in Indonesia, no day here needs to be dull. With crowd favourites like Potato Head, Cocoon Beach, SugarSand, Ku De Ta and Tropicola Beach Clubs (just to name a few) all pumping out prolific parties on their pristine private beaches, in their surf-side swimming pools and across their luxurious day lounge arrangements, you can make each day here more epic than the last. If you’re not making the most of the beautiful beaches and all the fantastic flavours of Seminyak’s culinary scene, you can be living it up in your private villa, exploring the epic local culture and customs, or exploring all the excitement of the surrounding jungle, sand and sea. 

    Schoolies Thailand 

    Migrate a little further north and you will find yourself amidst the supreme pleasantries of the land of smiles. Known for its mesmerising tropical islands, friendly locals and their sensational service culture and its exquisite culinary scene, Thailand is a genuine paradise full of possibilities for your Schoolies getaway. Depending on where you go, you can find plentiful party scenes, masses of majestic wildlife, beautiful beaches and more culture than you can poke a plate of pad thai at. Whatever you want your Thailand Schoolies getaway to look like, you are sure to find it here, and you are sure to find it here for a fraction of the price you will find it in Australia (if you can find it there at all). With so many different areas in this stunning country offering vastly different experiences, speak with Tribe Travel today to make sure your Schoolies getaway is your perfect style of ideal.   

    Schoolies Vanuatu

    One of the most culturally diverse countries on Earth, where its primary export is its prolific line-up of natural wonders, Vanuatu is a verdant paradise abound with Schoolies experiences you will never forget. Across the 83 islands which comprise the Vanuatuan archipelago, you will find stunning scenes of vivid jungle, speckled with enthralling waterfalls and active volcanoes, and vibrant local villages alive with tribes of friendly locals eager to share and include you in their fascinating way of life. And on the coastline, things only get even better! Fringed with pristine, white sand, palm tree lined beaches that are blessed with crystal clear waters and the ultimate conditions for surfing, swimming and snorkelling, is there anywhere else you’d rather be for your Schoolies week away? Book Schoolies Vanuatu with Tribe Travel today!

    Schoolies Fiji

    And last, but certainly not least on our list of international Schoolies getaways, we have Schoolies Fiji

    Postcard picture perfect from every angle, Fiji is another island paradise where you’ll need to put some time aside each day for picking your jaw up off the floor. Stunningly beautiful, it is a wonderland of white sand beaches, wicked waves and all the watersports to keep you and your tribe unleashed throughout your stay. Known as the soft coral capital of the world, the underwater world here is absolutely insane and is in direct juxtaposition to the tranquil way of life led by the locals on the land. Home to a culture that still practices centuries-old ceremonies as a genuine part of their everyday life, your time here is assured to be alive with mind-bending adventure, excitement and generous servings of rest and relaxation!

    To wrap it all up, your options for Schoolies and Leavers are many and varied. Indonesia to Thailand to Fiji are laden with some of the most inspiring places on the planet, with many morphing into something truly spectacular with the added energy and excitement of the Schoolies festivities. Two things are for certain, however, 1) the best places do sell out, and 2) You can miss out on a lot without the proper prior preparation and planning. Tribe Travel, and its partner brands Sure Thing Travel, are leaders in the field of youth travel and have been servicing the Schoolies crowd since the early 2000s. Throughout this time, not only have they perfected their planning and the advice they can offer school leavers headed on their maiden voyage into adulthood, but they have also built strong alliances with the largest legion of Schoolies friendly accommodation options possible. Schoolies is the getaway of a lifetime - and you can only do it once. Don’t risk your week away being anything short of sensational. Book with the best. Book with Tribe Travel today!

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